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At Rapid Renovation, we’re all about enhancing your living experience. We commit to using only high-quality materials to ensure your renovation project not only brings you joy and safety but also stands the test of time. Our team is ready for full-scale, stud-to-stud remodels, beginning with a personalized design consultation and concluding with a detailed walkthrough, inspection, and cleanup.

Total home remodeling: Hire The Pro’s

We provide a variety of remodeling services and a wide selection of cabinetry to ensure you find the perfect match for your budget and aesthetic dreams. We understand that everyone’s style preferences and budgets vary, especially across Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Deerfield Beach, Plantation, Tamarac, Margate, FL, and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to deliver exceptional results, no matter the scope of your home remodeling project.


Kitchen & Bath Remodeling


We’ve simplified the kitchen and bathroom remodeling process by offering clear, transparent options, so you know exactly what you’re getting. If you have specific needs not listed, just let us know; we’re more than willing to accommodate special requests.


Kitchen Islands


Kitchen islands are a game-changer, effectively adding two more walls of space to your kitchen remodel. They offer additional appliance storage, seating, and design options. Share your lifestyle, cooking habits, and vision for your kitchen with us, and we’ll deliver the perfect kitchen island solution.


Professional & licensed

Rapid Renovation is committed to keeping your project on the right path from the initial concept to the final touches. Our team, consisting of skilled, licensed, and insured kitchen renovation experts, boasts extensive experience in Boca Raton and throughout South Florida. We are wholly dedicated to addressing every one of your kitchen renovation needs.


Choosing the perfect Kitchen Renovation Contractor is vital to the triumph of your project. Consider Rapid Renovation as your personal guide through the renovation process, catering to both residential and commercial endeavors.

Who Needs Our Hurricane Windows?

Your home transcends mere walls, paint hues, fixtures, and layouts; it’s the sanctuary for your heart. Often, the impulse to remodel springs from the need for additional space to accommodate a growing family or because the existing configuration doesn’t align with your lifestyle or aesthetic preferences. What might begin as a renovation of a single room frequently expands, evolving into a comprehensive overhaul of the entire house.


Homes of yesteryear, with their compartmentalized, confined spaces, can be reimagined into open, fluid living areas. Cabinets, fixtures, and appliances can be upgraded to reflect a contemporary design ethos. The necessity to relocate becomes obsolete as we rejuvenate, remodel, and breathe new life into your existing home or condo!


Embarking on a whole-home remodeling journey is no small feat; it’s a substantial and sometimes daunting undertaking. The process is rife with decisions, from the overarching scope of the remodel to the minutiae of material selection. Even determining the extent of your home to renovate presents a significant choice, underscoring the complexity and breadth of such a project.

Remodeling / Renovating

Embarking on a whole-house remodel involves numerous steps and extensive planning. Whether you’re making minor updates or completely stripping the house down to its foundation for a rebuild, a contractor like Rapid Renovation plays a crucial role in executing every step required to bring your vision to life.




Your dream home is now within reach, and the first step towards making it a reality is developing a solid plan.