How to Choose the Best Renovation Contractor

Choosing a contractor for any home renovation can seem like an impossible task. The first step for anyone contemplating a renovation project should be to know what they want. There are full scale renovations as well as projects that provide an update without redoing the entire area. It will require some research and effort on the part of the property owner and the following are some tips on choosing the best renovation contractor.


The cost of renovations will vary widely depending on the changes to be made. It’s essential that individuals determine how much they have to spend. Then add an additional one-third to that amount to account for any increases in the cost of appliances or materials that may occur before work begins. Some types of appliances and materials are more expensive than others.

Consult with Friends

Some contractors specialize in certain types of renovations, while others are equally skilled in all styles. Consult with family, friends, and even co-workers that have had work done to discover how satisfied they were with the contractor they utilized. Talk with contacts on social media.

Reviews and Recommendations

Look for online reviews and recommendations. People aren’t shy about sharing their feelings and experiences. Individuals can learn much about a contractor by searching out online reviews on social media. Pay attention to how a contractor reacts to and deals with a complaint. Don’t forget to check references and ratings with the Better Business Bureau.

Written Bids and Contracts

A reputable renovation contractor will have no problem providing a written bid of what the work and labor costs will total. Never approve any work without a written contract that spells out all the details.

Guarantees and Warranties

Renovations should come with specific start and end dates for the work, along with clearly spelled out remediation methods should a problem arise.

Licensing and Permits

A renovation specialist should be fully licensed, bonded, and be able to pull all permits required for the work. They should be cognizant of the inspections required by law for plumbing and electrical work.

Final Steps

After performing due diligence, individuals should narrow their potential contractor choices to three. Compare the pros and cons of each before making a final decision. Individuals should feel comfortable with the renovation contractor they choose and be able to ask questions for a successful renovation project.