Kitchens are far more than a place to prepare meals. They’re where students complete homework, families plan their future, and they build family traditions. It’s also one of the first things in which homebuyers are interested and what real estate agents suggest as an improvement to make homes more attractive to buyers.

Homeowners should be aware that a kitchen renovation can cost anywhere between $13,000 and $63,000, depending on the work to be performed. The following are some elements to consider when planning a kitchen renovation.


Kitchen appliances require adequate space for doors to open freely. If they don’t have that space, it’s inconvenient, awkward, and presents an overcrowded feel.


A backsplash makes clean up a breeze and is essential for any kitchen. A backsplash can be utilized as an accent behind stoves, sinks, and in other locations. Backsplashes are offered in a multitude of colors and materials ranging from tile to glass.


Storage is always at a premium and renovations that provide an abundance of storage space are always a winning feature. Cabinetry can be accented with antique or unique knobs to add interest and charm.


White is an excellent color that promotes the perception of clean, clear lines. Neutral colors on the walls create a welcoming and calming environment that has an open and airy feel. The entire space can be accented with splashes of color. Conversely, many individuals are renovating in basic black in regard to appliances for a chic, modern effect.

Counter Space

The more counter space that can be carved out of the kitchen design, the better. That can be achieved with innovative design. Individuals shouldn’t overlook the benefits of islands.

Practical and Functional

The key elements in a kitchen renovation are to make the space appear modern and friendly, while being practical and functional. Don’t forget to incorporate enough space for people to walk about freely.