Bathroom Renovations…

Bathrooms used to almost be an afterthought in homes during the design process. They tended to be small, windowless, and lack any significant storage space. The good news is that individuals today have a vast array of renovation options. Individuals can choose a full-scale renovation involving expanding the actual size or updating existing features to give it a larger appearance.

For those that don’t want to invest in a full-fledged expansion project, there are dozens of ways to renovate a small bathroom effectively. The strategies will provide more room by utilizing the space more efficiently while giving the bathroom a thoroughly updated appearance.

While it may sound like a good DIY project, it won’t be less expensive, take less time, or be easier than hiring a professional renovation company. The experts will listen, provide design expertise, and work with individuals in regard to budgetary requirements. The following are just some of the methods that work exceptionally well in small bathrooms.

  • Corner sinks
  • Large patterns
  • Mirrors
  • Over toilet counters
  • Rounded corner vanities
  • Sliding shower doors or a curtain
  • Towel racks on the back of doors
  • Trough sinks
  • Vanity with open shelves and no doors
  • Wall-mounted faucets

For a full scale renovation, the process begins by removing existing sinks, showers and other fixtures. It will also require electrical and plumbing work that shouldn’t be attempted by anyone that doesn’t have experience in either field. Another reason to hire professional renovators is the inspections that will be required by law to ensure everything meets all applicable safety codes.

There will be drywall to install, flooring, and tiles for the shower or tub, along with ceiling tiles and the installation of cabinetry. It can take weeks for individuals to do the work themselves. Depending upon the scope of the project, a renovation company can perform the work in days.

Individuals should consider the type of renovation they want and if it will be for a master bathroom, full bathroom, guest bathroom or a powder room. One of the things that clients will need to do is let the renovation specialist know who will be using the bathroom, including children, day or overnight guests, and the elderly or disabled. They can help ensure the renovation is user-friendly for everyone.