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At Rapid Renovation, excellence in hardscape design and construction is what we deliver in Broward, Dade, Martin, and Palm Beach Counties.

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At Rapid Renovation, excellence in hardscape design and construction is what we deliver in Broward, Dade, Martin, and Palm Beach Counties. Our family-run business, boasting 25 years of unparalleled customer service, specializes in all aspects of hardscape creations, including:



Expert paver laying

Luxury pavers

Paver restoration

Elegant patio setups

Driveway crafting

Pathway designing



Integrating a meticulously crafted hardscape into your residential or commercial space not only enhances its usability but also significantly boosts your property’s worth. This is largely due to our commitment to employing only top-tier, durable, and easy-to-maintain materials.

Professional & licensed

Our seasoned construction team brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to the table, enabling the realization of striking landscape enhancements that perfectly align with your property’s aesthetics and spatial dynamics. 


Whether your vision is complex and grand or simple and modest, we’re equipped and eager to bring it to life. Plus, we stand by our work with a robust lifetime workmanship warranty, giving you peace of mind in your investment.


Discover the breadth of services Rapid Renovation offers by reaching out today. Our dedication to transforming outdoor spaces is unmatched, and we’re here to make your hardscape ambitions a reality.

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Leading Paver Design & Installation Authority in Broward, Dade, Martin, and Palm Beach Counties


Our steadfast dedication to excellence has garnered a loyal customer base and an esteemed A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Operating from the heart of Palm Beach, FL, our unmatched design and construction services make us stand out. 


Our expertise spans a comprehensive array of hardscaping solutions, including the installation of patios, walkways, and pavers, among other services. Our team is comprised of top-tier professionals, including builders, contractors, architects, designers, and engineers, all equipped to manage projects of any magnitude.


Eager to discover what Rapid Renovation can do for you or ready to kickstart your project? Reach out to us today!

Our Process

Incorporating pavers into your landscape adds visual interest and a distinctive touch to your outdoor spaces. Our experienced team can professionally install new pavers on your walkways, patios, driveway, or any other area of your property. 


We follow a thorough 12-step process for our paving installations to ensure your complete satisfaction. With a wide selection of paver materials, including natural stone, concrete, and brick, we have options to suit every style. 

Our services are available in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, and surrounding areas in Florida.


Our Comprehensive Paver Installation Process

No matter where you plan to install pavers on your property, our team is ready to assist! We’ll bring your vision to life, regardless of the size or complexity of your paving project. Here’s an overview of our 12-step paver installation process:


Step 1 – Planning: We begin by discussing your ideas and expectations and determining the necessary equipment and measures for a successful project.

Step 2 – Excavating: Our team removes any existing elements in the project area, such as furniture, landscape beds, and concrete.

Step 3 – Prepping: We prepare the area by removing or adding dirt and applying a base or sub-base of soil or sand for proper compaction and leveling.

Step 4 – Mobilizing materials: We ensure that all materials are ready and in order before starting the installation.

Step 5 – Core setting: Our team lays the paving materials in your chosen design and style, focusing on areas that don’t require alterations.

Step 6 – Complex setting: We make custom cuts and alterations to pavers to fit them into the intricate areas of your project, such as corners.

Step 7 – Finalizing placement: We finalize the placement of each piece, ensuring proper pressure and positioning.

Step 8 – Custom setting: If your project includes custom elements like planter boxes or steps, our installers will ensure they are properly installed.

Step 9 – Finalizing application: After all pavers are installed, we apply sand and mud in the creases and edges to secure them.

Step 10 – Walkthrough: A member of our management team will inspect your property to ensure everything has been executed according to plan.

Step 11 – Cleaning & maintenance: We remove excess materials and debris and clean your pavers. If you choose our clean & seal service, we’ll apply a sealant for protection against the elements.

Step 12 – Ensuring satisfaction: We close out your project only after ensuring your complete satisfaction with your new pavers!


Our Diverse Paver Selection

Choosing the perfect pavers for your project is an exciting part of the process! We offer a wide range of premium pavers in various styles, colors, and textures to match your unique taste and property. Consider these options:

  • Concrete
  • Natural stone
  • Clay
  • Porcelain
  • Brick